A treasurer’s guide to using working capital tools to manage liquidity


With continuing inflation, higher interest rates and more risk-averse lenders, managing liquidity has become more important than ever – and working capital optimisation is a key part of that process.

In this 45-minute educational webinar, experts from Deloitte and Taulia will share some insights on how best-in-class companies are using working capital tools to enhance liquidity. Among the topics we’ll be covering are:

  •  Why Now? How this economic environment calls for working capital optimisation
  •  Visibility & Data Analytics – understanding your situation
  •  Improving Processes with a focus on working capital
  •  Examining payment terms and segmenting suppliers
  •  Working Capital levers such as SCF and how to use them
  •  How technology can help smooth the way

There will be plenty of time to ask questions of our speakers, and you’ll receive a PDF report after the event capturing the key take-aways.

This is a great opportunity for you and your team to understand how to optimise working capital and improve liquidity to ensure your organisation has access to the cash it needs to prosper.

Sponsored by:


Mike Hewitt

Director, The Working Capital Forum

Brady Cale

Chief Technology Officer, Taulia

Mike Quails

Managing Director, Cash and Working Capital Advisory, Deliotte

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