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Working Capital Action Points for Corporate Treasury

Industry experts share their views and top concerns for the coming year with the Working Capital Forum.

Reporting SCF under the latest IASB rules

The Working Capital Forum brought together experts from Taulia and EY to discuss the IASB’s new disclosure rules for supplier finance arrangements.

Implementing a global working capital strategy at SAP

Experts from SAP joined the Working Capital Forum to share their working capital management journey following the firm’s acquisition of Taulia in 2021.

Bell Canada: Integrating Dynamic Discounting with Real-Time Treasury

From machine learning and RPA to dynamic discounting, learn from Bell Canada how to harness the tools needed for a real-time treasury.

A practical guide to reporting Supply Chain Finance programmes under the latest FASB rules

Experts from EY and Taulia offer a practical guide to reporting under the new regulations requiring corporations to disclose their supplier finance arrangements.

A treasurer’s guide to receivables finance

McKinsey partner Jakob Ruden and Ade Omisore, head of structuring receivables finance at Taulia, look at how receivables finance fits into a working capital strategy

A treasurer’s guide to using Working Capital Tools to Manage Liquidity

Experts from Deloitte and Taulia offer a practical guide to using working capital tools to manage liquidity in higher interest rate environments.

15 Years of SCF at Siemens

Siemens developed a supply chain finance solution that has grown to support more than 5,000 suppliers. Three of the original trailblazers reunited to share the

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